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    City services will be provided by phone, email, online or mail only.

    The H. Louis Lake Senior Center will be providing a lunch meal option through Meals on Wheels OC. Days and times are subject to change. For more information, call the H. Louis Lake Senior Center at (714) 741-5253.

    The Family Resource Centers will have limited services. Please call the centers directly for more information: Buena Clinton Youth and Family Center, (714) 741-5768; Magnolia Park Family Resource Center, (714) 530-7413.

    For more information, call (714) 741-5200 or visit http://www.hycww.cn/coronavirus.

    Until further notice, all City-sponsored events, programs and classes are canceled or postponed.


    If you are new here and would like to register online, please "create your account here." Otherwise, you may login at any time to begin your registration. Or you can feel free to search and browse through our catalog:

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    Step One

    Create an account by clicking on "create an account here" above and filling in the fields that appear. A password will be emailed to you through the email address you provide while creating this account.

    Note: If you have an existing account with the City, the password will be emailed to the email address on file. If the email is no longer in use and the information needs to be updated, please call 714-741-5200 for assistance.

    Step Two

    Click the “Login” tab at the top of the page and use the password emailed to you to log in. You will have the option to create a new password once you login.

    Step Three

    At this point, you can either add classes to your cart or add group members to your account.

    Step Four

    Input your credit card payment for registration processing. To complete registration, please print the PDF version of the "Liability Waiver" to bring to the instructor at the first class meeting.

    Paso Uno

    Crea una cuenta haciendo clic en " create an account here " y llene los campos que aparecen. Una contrase?a le será enviada por correo electrónico a través de la dirección de correo electrónico que proporcionó al crear esta cuenta.

    Nota: Si usted tiene una cuenta existente con la ciudad, la contrase?a será enviada a la dirección de correo electrónico en archivo. Si el correo electrónico ya no está en uso y la información debe ser actualizada, por favor llame al 714-741-5200 para obtener ayuda.

    Paso Dos

    Haga clic en "Login" en la parte superior de la página y utilize la contrase?a enviada por correo electrónico para iniciar. Usted tendrá la opción de crear una nueva contrase?a una vez que se ingrese al sitio.

    Paso Tres

    A este punto, usted puede agregar a su carrito de clases o a?adir los miembros de su grupo a su cuenta.

    Paso Cuatro

    Para completar el registro, por favor imprima la versión en PDF de la "Renuncia de responsabilidad" (liability waiver) y lleven a al instructor en la primera clase. Ingrese su pago con tarjeta de crédito para el procesamiento de registro.

    B??c M?t

    T?o m?t tài kho?n b?ng cách b?m vào " create an account here " và ?i?n vào các khung c?n th?ng tin c?a b?n. M?t m?t kh?u s? ???c g?i ??n qua ??a ch? email mà b?n cung c?p khi t?o tài kho?n này.

    L?u y: N?u b?n ?? có m?t tài kho?n hi?n có v?i Thành ph?, m?t kh?u s? ???c g?i ??n ??a ch? email trong h? s?. N?u email kh?ng còn s? d?ng và các th?ng tin c?n ???c c?p nh?t, xin vui lòng g?i 714-741-5200 ?? ???c h? tr?.

    B??c Hai

    Nh?p vào ch? Login (??ng nh?p) ? trên cùng c?a trang và s? d?ng m?t kh?u g?i qua email cho b?n ?? ??ng nh?p. B?n có th? ch?n ?? t?o ra m?t m?t kh?u m?i m?t khi b?n ??ng nh?p.

    B??c Ba

    T?i th?i ?i?m này, b?n có th? ch?n thêm các l?p h?c ho?c thêm các thành viên vào tài kho?n c?a b?n.

    B??c B?n

    ?i?n th?ng tin c?a th? tin d?ng ?? x? ly ??ng ky. ?? hoàn thành ??ng ky, xin vui lòng in ra phiên b?n PDF c?a trang"Mi?n Tr? Trách Nhi?m”(Liability Waiver) ?? mang ??n cho các gi?ng viên t?i cu?c h?p l?p ??u tiên.