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    District 6

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    From its northwest border with the cities of Anaheim and Orange lies District 6’s most recognized city landmark known for its towering glass-paned structure: the Christ Cathedral (formerly the Crystal Cathedral), the Archdiocese of Orange. South of the Garden Grove Freeway, along Harbor Boulevard District 6 opens a new frontier for continued expansion of the Grove District. Boasting the City’s densest population of Hispanic-Americans, District 6 is also home to the Buena Clinton neighborhood and the modern Buena Clinton Youth and Family Center.

    Kim B. Nguyen
    Council Member
    Time in Office
    Elected to City Council in 2016

    Kim Bernice Nguyen was elected to the Garden Grove City Council on November 8, 2016. She is the first Garden Grove City Council Member of Hispanic descent. Her proposed district map was unanimously approved by the City Council to be used for the City’s first district elections in 2016.



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